Saturday, January 19, 2013

Queen - Good Company ukulele chords

One of my favorite Queen songs!  Good Company is a nice little folky ukulele piece and it's fairy simple to play.  You can even throw in some triplets and syncopation to make it give it a little extra ragtime feel.  If you're looking for the chords, here's a link from the folks at Ukulele Hunt with chords and tabs.  We are greatly indebted to them for doing all the leg work on this one.  

Of course, this tune (written and sung by Brian May) comes off of the classic "A Night at the Opera".  This album definitely lands in my top 5.  Probably the most amazing thing about this song is the fact that all the instruments in the "jazz band" parts were played with an electric guitar.  I have a DVD of the making of this album and the part where the engineer actually solos out the individual guitar parts for this is absolutely incredible. 

Anyway...enjoy the link and happy Uke'n!

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