Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ukulele Acoustics - a guide to tonewoods

Every ukulele has a slightly different sound.  This principle even applies to two ukuleles built with the same materials and to the same specifications.  In this case, the differences may be very subtle, but nonetheless, there are differences.
Side note: this is the reason that I hate it when someone says, "I don't like this particular brand or that particular company".  I've heard Gibson and Martin ukes (two very respected companies) that I LOVED...and have also heard ukes from both of them that disappointed me.

While there are a lot of things that can affect the acoustics of your ukulele, the tonewood is central to how it
will ultimately sound.

So without further ado, we share with you this fantastic tonewood write done by the Jumping Flea.  A lot of great information awaits you on this site, in addition to this great article.

I particularly enjoy the conclusion of this article.  After a TON of info about both solid wood ukes and laminates, he concludes....

"what matters most is the sound you like from your instrument."

I applaud that!  Beauty is absolutely in the eye (or in this case the ear) of the beholder.  What sounds good to someone else might not sound so hot to you.

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