Monday, January 28, 2013

Ukulele Straps

Having trouble playing your ukulele standing up?  Hey, you're not alone!  Lots of uke players have trouble playing more involved pieces when on their feet.  A ukulele strap can make the difference between a solid performance and one riddled with mistakes.  But which uke strap should you buy?
There are a number of ukulele straps that take on the form of a traditional guitar strap.  One nasty little problem - you'll have to install a strap button on your uke.  While that's not totally out of the question, I'm not a fan of adding permanent hardware to my ukes.  But you're in luck!  There are a couple of alternative solutions that won't require you to drill into your ukulele...

The Uke Leash

This is absolutely genius!  It's based off the quick release clips found in a lot of pet stores.  The loop
slips onto your strumming arm (the other around your uke headstock) and the strap slings over your shoulder.  Check out to see a video of it in action!

The Uke Thong

Pretty simple idea here.  Goes around your neck and the padded hook goes into the sound hole.  It's a neat little strap to have.  It's really meant more for a little support (unlike the underwear version - ba dump bing!).  It won't hold your instrument super tightly, so don't plan on pulling a rockstar move and throwing your ukulele over your shoulder and around your head with this one on.  The only flaw of this one is the dampening of the's pressing on your soundboard.
You can find these almost anywhere online, but because I'm an Etsy seller, I'll promote one of my own and point you to this Etsy shop where you can pick one of these up.

Hope this helps ya out!  Happy Uke'n!

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