Thursday, January 31, 2013

Where to buy your next ukulele

Before you jump the gun and grab your next ukulele from a random retailer on Amazon, consider this....a good setup can make a world of difference in sound, intonation, and overall playability.  Don't know what a setup is?  Check this blog post for some helpful links about ukulele setup.

There are a couple of online sellers that have become notorious for the awesome job they do setting up your instrument.  And as kind of a bonus, I've included the link to an Etsy shop that many folks aren't aware of that sells vintage ukes and banjo ukes.  Us Etsy shop owners have to stick together!

Uke Republic

Just ask anyone in the ukulele community about these guys.  Not only do they have some great deals on some sweet ukes, but the setup they perform on all their ukes is
generally considered to be awesome!  I'm planning on making my next ukulele purchase from them.

Elderly Instruments

The link above will take you directly to their ukulele department, but they have more than just ukes.  Again, all reports are that they do a great job on the setup of all their instruments.  And if you're in the market for vintage ukes, this should be one of the first places that you check out.

Carolina Vintage Ukes on Etsy

I stumbled upon this shop one day while I was looking through some of my shop stats on Etsy (check out my store here...cough cough...shameless self-promotion).  I was so happy to find it!  They also have some vintage mandolins for sale for those of you that have adopted those 8 stringers.  You can check the feedback on this store for yourself while you're there.  The general consensus is that they rock!  They seem to deal in a lot of banjo ukes, but more standard ukes pop up from time to time.  Check 'em out!

Hope this gives you a good jumping off point for your next ukulele purchase!  Do you know of a shop that I've left out that deserves some praise?  Let me know in the comments!

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