Thursday, February 14, 2013

10 reasons to love the ukulele - Happy Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day!  Of course, the loves of my life are my beautiful wife and my sweet little girl.  But....coming in after that are my ukuleles.  So, without further ado, here is my personal list of 10 reasons that I love my ukuleles!

1. size - small and easy to transport

2. the happiness it brings others - people just seem to smile when they hear/see someone playing the ukulele

3. longer lasting strings - coming from a guitar playing background where it's necessary to change strings
every other month (at least), it's nice to be able to do this only about once a year with the uke

4. the price - collecting ukuleles is a lot more affordable than collecting some other instruments

5. fairly easy to learn - Especially, for the little ones.  I think that children need to be exposed to music and start playing at a young age.  Lots have studies have shown that music directly affects brain development.  A ukulele is a nice fit for those smaller hands.

6. it's resourceful! - picture're stranded on a desert island and you need food.  Just take those fluorocarbon strings off your ukulele (because you've obviously brought that with you) and use them to catch some fish.  Then replace the strings and play a scale!  Har har har!

7. it's therapeutic - every time I pick up my uke, the stress just melts away.  Ahhhhhh....

8. it's versatile - any style of music sounds great on a ukulele!  Well...maybe not metal.

9. it's fun! - enough said.

10. it's resilient - I can't count the times that I have knocked my ukes off of tables or that my toddler has used them for step stools when I wasn't looking.  Even with all that unintended abuse, they've still held up!

How about you?  Why do you love the ukulele?

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