Monday, February 18, 2013

Blank Ukulele Tabs and Chord Charts!

If you've ever attempted to sit down and write your own tab out for a song, you probably know how frustrating it is to actually make the "staff".  It really kills your enthusiasm for actually tabbing out the song.  No more!  Here are some free blank ukulele chord charts and blank ukulele tabs. 

Just click on the image, make sure to enlarge the image with the little magnifying glass (if you don't, it won't take up the full page), and print away!

 There is also some free software available for the same purpose of creating your own tabs. - free software for all your tabbing needs.  I've not actually used this yet, but good things have been said about it.  Even though it's directed at the guitar and bass guitar crowd, it is ukulele friendly.

Hope these blank uke tabs and chord sheets will help ya out.  Now, go tab something for me to play! 


  1. I don't know how to read this tab, but it is pretty.

  2. Chers mate,
    I love what you do, "La vie en rose" is very good for uke, Ive made a video about it for a very vocal friend. Singing it in C is well a little high for me... Maybe I shoulod go berry WHite on it.. thx for wonderfull homepage.

  3. Oh the programme "tabledit is very good for tabbing things.

  4. Thanks, I am new to ukes, week 5 into a short course and I want to play 'Dream a little dream' but need to take smaller steps to get there, so...looking for a song that is between the course and my goal, 'Love me tender' has chords to learn that I can also learn for 'Dream a little dream' - Bliss coming up the Easter weekend, there is time to play and I can't wait.