Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Kala Pocket Uke - even smaller?

NAMM 2013 is officially in the books.  Among the ukulele highlights this year was a very curious and even tinier Kala Pocket Uke.  I thought that bigger was supposed to be better.  Tim from www.ukeeku.com was in attendance and provided some sweet coverage of some of the ukes being showcased.  Check out his final summary here

Back to the Kala Pocket Uke - why am I so intrigued?  I guess it's because I just wonder what the point is.  I do want a pocket uke, so don't get me wrong.  It's a cute little novelty uke to have in your collection.  Maybe that's what's bothering me...it's already a novelty ukulele...and this one is smaller....so this one is now a novelty-novelty
uke.  This is getting confusing.

This calls to mind a line from a recent episode of The Office (yes, I realize that it's not funny anymore).  Someone suggests that they could get mini cupcakes for an office party.  Kevin questions that decision, stating that mini cupcakes are a miniature version of a cupcake which is already a miniature version of cake.  He then says, "Where does it end with you people?". 

The trend of modern technology seems to be to make things smaller and smaller.  Yes, sometimes that can be a good thing, but not always...and I'm not sure which category this falls into.  I'd like to find out the scale length on this uke, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of info on it available right now.

My final thought - I have a bad case of UAS (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome) and I should buy one!

Let's get your thoughts.  Is a smaller uke appealing to you?  Would you buy one?  Why or why not?

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