Friday, March 22, 2013

New Ukulele - the importance of warranty registration

A lot of ukuleles being made these days are coming with lifetime limited warranties.  While the "limited" part won't protect your new uke from wear and tear from normal use, damage from abuse, modifications that you make to the instrument, unauthorized repairs, and a whole barrage of other things, it's still important to get your new ukulele officially registered with the company.

Sure, it's a hassle, but it could pay off in the long run.  Your limited warranty should cover any defects in your ukulele that might pop up unexpectedly down the road.  The company should have record via the serial number and model number of every uke made, which leads to the following question....why is it so important to fill out and send in the little card?

Technical Problems - First of all, should you ever have to make a warranty claim, it will help speed the process along.  By filling all that info out now and sending it in, it will help prove that you are the original owner and show where you purchased it from.  Basically, if you need to file a claim at some point, it will be less likely to be denied.

Insurance claim - Another thing to consider...if there's a house fire and everything goes up in smoke, having the product registration will help prove that you did indeed own it.  You need proof of ownership to make an insurance claim.

If it's stolen - This could also come in handy if your ukulele is ever stolen and recovered by police.  A record of ownership could assist you in getting it back.

Coupons and Discounts - Let's face it, part of this has to do with marketing.  Sure, they'd like your e-mail and mailing address.  They want to keep their business going and part of that is reaching out to their customer base with coupons and special offers.  Some people might find that annoying.  Personally, I'm all for it!  My UAS (ukulele acquisition syndrome) will never be cured, so as long as companies keep waving those carrots in front of my face, I'll keep buying!

So before you throw that warranty registration in the trash, take a second to think about what your new ukulele means to you and how sad you'd be if something happened to it down the line.  If you don't care too much, don't sweat it.  If you'll be distraught and despondent in the event that something happens to it, fill it out and mail it in!

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