Wednesday, April 10, 2013

10 Ukulele Blogs to check out

I guess it just makes sense that someone who blogs about ukuleles also finds himself subscribed to quite a few ukulele blogs.  One of the best parts of my day is checking those for new posts.

I've assembled a list of my 10 favorite ukulele blogs that you should check out and subscribe to.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!  Here they are in no particular order....

1. Uke4U - on this blog you'll mostly find tabs and tutorials.  They also created a pretty sweet app called "Learning Ukulele in 7 days".  The ukulele tabs on this blog are beautifully arranged and very easy to follow along with.

2. Antebellum Instruments - Ok, so not a 100% ukulele blog.  They fix up some REALLY cool pre-WWII instruments and one of the highlights of my day is checking for new uke arrivals.

3. Ukulele Review - tons of great reviews and articles!

4. Got A Ukulele - Barry Maz does a tremendous job on this blog.  Tabs, charts, helpful ukulele links, interviews, tools, etc.  He's also written some very nice ukulele e-books. 

5. The Ukulele Restoration Barn - Another blog where you can follow the adventures of a ukulele luthier.  Pretty interesting to see these old ukes getting fixed up.  Mostly banjo ukulele fix ups on this one.

6. The Ukaholic - John Bianchi's blog.  This guy seems to know everything in the world about any given banjo uke.

7. Ukulele Tricks - a "how to play" sort of blog.  Very useful tips and info here, especially for beginner's. 

8. Unofficial Kamaka Ukulele Blog - Very interesting blog for Kamaka fans.  If you don't know anything about yourself a favor and check this blog out.

9. Ukulele Play! - all sorts of good stuff here.  Tabs, info, tips, etc.  These guys also put on Utah's Uke Fest

10. Fountain of Uke - tutorials, news, and all around good info.


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