Thursday, April 18, 2013

What is UAS? Ukulele terminology

You might have seen the acronym UAS posted on ukulele forums, blogs, websites, etc.  Maybe you're wondering what it means.  It stands for "Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome".  It happens to be the leading cause of not being able to pay your rent amongst ukulele players!

Ok, but seriously, this disease affects all ukulele players.  There's just something about these little guys that makes us all want to have another one...and another one....and another one. 

While it's a lot of fun to build your collection of ukuleles, maybe we should all consider putting the brakes on a little bit.  Do I really need
5 different ukes of each size (soprano, concert, tenor, baritone)? 

I was talking to my sister the other day about one of her kids.  Her third born really REALLY wants a Nintendo 3DS.  He told my sister, "if I can just have that, then I'll be happy".  Of course, she's a very good mother and had a chat with him about what true happiness is and told him that while having new things is exciting and fun for a while, in the end it just leads to wanting more stuff and emptiness. 

It reminds me of this Scripture...Proverbs 27:20 - "the eyes of man are never satisfied".  Very true. 
Ok, enough of the lecture!  Bottom line - we all want more ukuleles, but as your collection and interest grows, just remember that one ukulele leads to another.  Make sure that you're enjoying playing the instruments, not just stockpiling them in the closet!

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