Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Best Ukulele for a Child

Numerous studies have shown that kids who are exposed to music in an interactive way (music lessons, tinkering with mom or dad's instruments, etc) have boosted IQ's.  I'm a big proponent of getting instruments in your children's hands at an early age and the ukulele is a great place to start!  The chief reason being that the ukulele is small and can fit into those little hands.  Not to mention, it's a fun instrument!

Sounds good so far, right?  But wait a minute...every parent knows that anything they put in their child's hands is at great risk of being destroyed.  So what's a good (and cheap) starter ukulele for a young child?  Here's some inexpensive and durable options....

Diamond Head DU10 Soprano Ukulele

A solid uke for a youngster coming in at the $30 mark.  

Makala Dolphin

A very respected beginner ukulele.  Many players got their start on one of these Dolphins.  You can find one for just above $40.

Schoenhut Parrot Ukulele

Schoenhut...yep, that's the same name that was on your toy piano when you were a kid.  They still make those toy pianos, by the way.  They've also started making some other kid-friendly starter instruments like this Parrot Ukulele.  They've caught a little grief for their shamless copy of the Flea (as you can clearly see).  While I'm not a big fan of stealing someone's ideas and work, it's awfully hard to pass this up.  You can find one in the $30-$50 range.

Hope one of these ukes will make your child very happy!  On a side note, you might think about investing a few dollars in some ear plugs.  :)


  1. I like the diamond heads, but every one in ten sounds like a block of wood, so make sure you try before you buy (goes for all ukuleles really). Another good one is the super tiny Eddy Finn Minnow.

    1. I'll have to check out that Eddy Finn Minnow. Can't say I've heard of it.

  2. ADM 21 Inch Deluxe Zebrawood Starter Soprano Ukulele from Bizarkdeal

    The ukulele arrived promptly and was well-wrapped with no defects or travel damage. The uke's body is smooth and lightweight, and the zebrawood is beautiful and unique. I especially like the patterning around the sound hole! The gear tuning pegs don't slip as easily as friction pegs (which is good because I'm so bad at tuning!). The strings are Aguila nylon too so they'll last me a while. Of course, the sound is the most important part of any instrument, and I'm happy to say this uke isn't just a pretty face, it also sounds lovely too! I would definitely recommend this shop to anyone looking to get into a new instrument.