Friday, May 17, 2013

Naming your Ukuleles

Admittedly, I'm kind of a weird guy.  I was happy to read on a ukulele forum a few months ago that there are others that do this same thing - name their ukuleles.  So I'm not THAT weird, right?

So why do I name my ukuleles?  I don't know...why not?  People give names to all sorts of inanimate objects.  Cars come to mind.  How many of us named our first car?  Naming your ukulele(s) isn't any different.  In a strange way it gives you more of a connection to your instrument.  So go for it!  Give 'em a name and embrace your inner geek!  Here's what I named some of my ukes...

Kamoa E3 Pineapple - "moe moe"
1950's Favilla Soprano - "Flava Fav"
1920's Slingerland banjo ukulele - "Slingy" aka "jo jo"
Lanikai LU-21 Concert - "Lenny"

What names have you bestowed upon your beloved ukuleles?  Comment below and let us know!


  1. I also have a Lanikai LU-21 Concert! It was my firs 'uke, and I named it Hiapo - which means "first-born" in Hawaiian

  2. I have a soprano and I named it Basil. Originally I was looking for 'little and beautiful' meaning names but once I saw it I knew that was the one. Maybe my next will be Olive, or Sage?