Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jon Woodworking Ukulele Hanger review

Jon Woodworking is an Etsy shop run by...Jon. Though I'm still not sure how he came up with the name (sarcasm, folks). Jon is a heck of a nice guy and he makes some killer ukulele and guitar wall hangers. Not a lot of flash with these. Just a simple look and quality construction. Hey, what more do you need from the device that holds your uke? Looks pretty nice hangin' the Kamoa if I do say so myself. Here's the report card on this hanger...

Quality and Build - A+

The construction along with the quality wood make this a wall winner! The finish on the wood really brings out that nice grain. Hard to beat a handmade item by someone who knows what their doing.

Originality and Creativity - B+

Not trying to reinvent the wheel here with this design. It's a simple design, but I enjoy the shape. 

Functionality - A+

No complaints at all in this department. It braces to the wall (the screws and anchors are included) and holds that ukulele in place like it's supposed to. I was very happy with the "lip" that hugs around the neck and headstock. It provided enough extra cushion so the uke is not rubbing up against the wood and hurting the finish. 

Overall - A-

Simple, attractive, quality wall hanger. A very solid A- on this one. Maybe a little on the pricey side, but if you want to buy a quality hanger, you have to spend a little extra. Take a look at more of his offerings here at his shop.

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