Saturday, March 15, 2014

Uke Leash review

 It can be a real pain playing your ukulele while standing. Is it possible? Yes. Do I like doing it? Not really. For a long time the two solutions to this problem have been to either deal with it or install hardware on your uke for a more traditional type of guitar strap. I don't know about you, but I'm not a big fan of end pins on my uke. I don't really like the way the look. I'm also not to keen on drilling into my ukulele.

Good news! You are no longer limited to those two options! You can just get yourself a Uke Leash!

Lori Apthorp invented this lovely little device and she deserves major props. In fact, I will state publicly that I'm envious of her for coming up with something so simple and so incredibly cool! :)

Here's how it works - you put one of end of the leash on your headstock, sling the other around your neck and put your arm through (check out the 3rd picture). That's it! And that little extra support really does make a world of difference. Here's the report card...

Quality - A-

Lori actually sent me a few of these (as well as some other goodies). One large leash made of Polypro, a medium made of leather, as well as one for guitar. Overall, the material on each seem solid and like they would last for years. The leather feels like it would hold up longer than the polypro, but both feel good. A cool thing about them is that you can leave the piece that goes around the headstock (the collar maybe?) and just unclip the leash. Good thinking! I suppose it's always possible that the little plastic clip
piece could be stepped on and break, but barring that kind of accident, you shouldn't have much to worry about.

Design - A-

I really like the look of the brown leather Uke Leash. I wasn't such a big fan of the dark green polypro, but that's more personal preference than anything. They both look nice and the Uke Leash tag on them was a nice branding/design compliment.

Originality and Creativity - A++++

This thing is awesome! Can't overstate how cool of an idea this is!

Functionality - A+

More high praise in this category. It definitely made me more accurate and proficient when playing standing up. It took a few minutes to get comfortable with it, but after my shoulder got used to it, if felt pretty good.

Overall - A+

A great overall product. If you play standing up a lot, it will definitely help you to focus more on your playing and less on making sure you don't drop your ukulele. They look nice, just take a few minutes to "install", and don't require you to add any hardware. Epic win!

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