Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Slide Ukulele Chord Chart

A few weeks back I posted a blog called "Alternate Ukulele Tunings", covering some common and not so common tunings for the uke.  Following up here with a basic chord chart for "Slide Ukulele Tuning".

The tuning for this is G, C, E, Bb.  When strummed open, it creates a C7 chord.  As you can see from the chart to left, I've left a lot of blank chords for you to fill in as you go. 

This tuning is really meant for those that are playing with a slide (as indicated by the name), so for the most part, the way you choose to utilize chords is up to you.  Some slide players like to play with a slide on their index or middle finger and leave their other fingers open for fretting along with the slide.  Others prefer to stick the slide on their ring or pinky finger and alternate between slide chords/notes and fretting chords/notes.  The choice is yours!  As you develop your style for this, you can fill in
the rest of the chord sheet as you wish.  The basic idea is that every fret you move up creates a 7th chord that's a half step higher.  

I was first made aware of this tuning and style from

Check out this link to their slide ukulele page.  You'll find some helpful tips and even an e-book that will help you learn some sweet licks and get started.

Good luck and have fun!

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