Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ukulele re-entrant D tuning - basic chord chart

I posted a blog a few weeks ago called "Alternate Ukulele Tunings", where I talked about some common (and not so common) alternate tunings for the uke. 

I thought that it'd be helpful to follow up with some basic chord charts for some of those tunings.  So here ya go!

Here's some basic chord formations for re-entrant D tuning (A,D,F#, B).  Click on the image to view it, and then click again on the image to enlarge it for printing it off (if you don't enlarge it, it won't print off correctly).

I left some blank spaces on the chart for you to use to fill in a few chords if you're looking for a couple that I've missed. 

Hope this helps!  Happy Uke'n!

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