Monday, March 11, 2013

The Plastic Ukulele on Kickstarter

Maybe you saw this on Kickstarter in 2012 (check that link on the Kickstarter site for a sweet video with this uke).  The Plastic Ukulele!  Here's the scoop according the developer, Scott Seelye...

"The Plastic Ukulele will be 6 parts injection molded from polycarbonate, often referred to as bullet proof plastic and not affected by humidity or temperature changes. These parts are then assembled to create a very strong hollow structure with the internal volume and tone of a much larger instrument"

Like a lot of people, I was very sad when the Kickstarter funding didn't reach it's goal.  It's a really cool idea and it needs to realize it's full potential.  Never fear though!  They are proceeding even without the funding and are set for a 2013 summer launch!

It's also been re-branded and renamed.  Now, it's known as The Outdoor Ukulele.  Check out the site here.  Most of the updates are coming through their facebook page, so like 'em on there.

According to the facebook page, the final price will be lower than initially anticipated...somewhere around the $100 mark.  Just a hundred bones for a uke that you can literally take and play anywhere!  Another ukulele has now been added to my ever growing "want" list!

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