Friday, May 10, 2013

Bust Your Kneecaps by Pomplamoose - Ukulele Chords

I have to credit my wife for turning me onto Pomplamoose.  Very talented people.  Here's a cover of one of their original tunes and the chords for you to play it yourself.

Bust Your Kneecaps by Pomplamoose
Ukulele Chords 

Intro: C, Am, Dm7, G7, G7+5

(C) Johnny don't leave me (Am)
You said you'd (Dm7) love me for (G7) ev (G7+5) er
(C) Honey, believe me (Am)
I'll have your (Dm7) heart on a (G7) plat (G7+5) er

(F) Might you recall (Fm)
We have a (C) small family (A9) busi (A7) ness (A9) (A7)
And the (F) family won't (Cdim) like (G7) this

(C) They'll bust your (Am) kneecaps
(Dm7) ooh wopty (G7) doo wop (G7+5) ty doo (C)
They'll bust your (Am) kneecaps
(Dm7) ooh wopty (G7) doo wop (G7+5) ty doo (C)

...and that's basically it.  It just repeats that chord structure for the rest of the song.  At the very last of the song there is a C6 chord as it fades out.  Hope this will help ya out!  Now get to playing!

One last thing, if anyone has a better ear than me and can tab out the piano part after the chorus (the part that I am playing poorly with the kazoo in the video), please pass it along! 


  1. So incredible, and so serendipitous! As a fan and child care provider for a member of Ukeladies PDX, I utilize "Bust Your Kneecaps" as a perfect lullaby for the babies when mommy Nic Bereczki is out gigging with the band here in Portland. I have wanted to ask the Ukeladies to add this song to their rich repertoire for some time now, but lacked the ability to sell the idea without the necessary chords to back it up.

    So happy to see you rock it so naturally. Thanks so much for sharing- you made my night!

  2. I really appreciate the chords, and your rendition is great! :D
    Thanks a bunch and keep making great music!