Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Kokopelli Ukulele Stand review

 Kokopelli Stands is another Etsy shop that I'm fairly familiar with. Thom makes some awesome wooden stands. Admittedly, his works are more for the guitar playing crowd, but he was kind enough to send me this smaller stand that works out very nicely for my Lanikai concert ukulele. He no longer makes stands for a smaller soprano size ukulele, but this smaller stand would also fit a tenor and baritone uke nicely.

One note of caution: I wouldn't recommend storing your ukulele next to your coffee maker as pictured here.  :)

If you're diggin' this beautiful white oak stand, check out some of the other sweet Kokopelli Stands here at their shop.  Here's the report card....

Quality and Build - A+

Super impressive! The design and look is simple, but very classy. This white oak has a beautiful grain and you know it will last several lifetimes. This thing feels very solid. I wouldn't go trying to test it by dropping it down the stairs repeatedly, but my guess is that it will take a lot of abuse and still hold strong.

Originality and Creativity - B+

It's a pretty basic build idea and that's just fine with me. Sometimes it's better to build something with a basic look instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. It's not going to make people say, "wow! That's a super creative looking ukulele stand!".  But do you really want people admiring the stand? You'd probably rather have them admire the uke on the stand. For a stand, I prefer something that isn't flashy, but rather puts the focus on the instrument and makes it look good. Heck, this thing even makes my beater uke look good!

Functionality - A+

It does what it's supposed to do - secure my ukulele when I'm not playing it. It does the job well and even when I've bumped the uke passing by, it still holds it in place well.

Overall - A-

Gotta give it a solid A-. A lot of emphasis is placed on buying a quality uke and rightly so. However, there's often not enough emphasis placed on buying quality accessories to take care of that ukulele. We need to take better care of those ukes! Kokopelli stands has done a very nice job on making a durable and great looking stand to hold your ukulele when your hands can't. Check out their shop here on Etsy!

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