Monday, March 3, 2014

Toucan Mango Ukulele Wall Hanger review

 Wow! These are more than just ukulele wall hangers. They are hand carved works of art by Toucan Mango. Check out more of this awesome work at the Etsy shop here.

I e-mailed and requested one of these for review. I already knew that I liked his work, but seeing them up close I am very much blown away. Here's the report card on these beautiful wall hangers.

Quality and Build - A+

Very lightweight, but very solid. I can tell that this will hold up to the test of time.

Originality and Creativity - A+

This would be one of those things that you buy to gift to someone but end up loving yourself and keeping it for yourself. I really dig the fish hook design, but the other work on their Etsy shop is breath taking as well.

Functionality - A+

It serves the purpose well. All of my soprano and concert ukuleles fit nicely. I can't speak intelligently to whether a tenor or baritone would fit, but he's a super nice guy and responds quick to messages, so you can ask him yourself! Since I'm planning on giving this away, I didn't have opportunity to actually go the distance and stick it into the wall, but the mounting hardware is included so no worries there.

Overall - A+

Does what it's supposed to do perfectly and looks awesome! How can you not give that a perfect score? I've also gotta say that for a handmade hanger with a personal touch, the prices at his shop aren't bad either.

Make sure to check out the rest of Toucan Mango's awesome wall hangers here.

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